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Fitness, Strength & Nutrition Coach for runners, cyclists, triathletes, charity challenges & sport.
Online with optional in-person sessions.

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Taking part in a sport or completing a new fitness challenge?

Do you need to get ready for a 5k run, 10k run, a half or full marathon, a triathlon, a Hyrox, an ultra run, a cycling sportive, a charity bike ride, a season and or some kind of race?

Worried you won't be ready, want to do better or just need help?

If you have said yes to any of these, then coaching is the right option for you...

I am qualified coach, strength trainer and sports nutritionist and have worked with runners, cyclists, triathletes and long distance walkers. I also take part in different events myself. 

My main sport is cycling, both on and off-road (it’s me in the big picture in the background at the top of the page). 

The thing is though, as much as I love cycling, I am not a naturally gifted cyclist. My genetics are not quite made for it (thanks Mum and Dad!) so I have had to work hard to get better. When I first started cycling again, if I did an event, I would be close to last and would quite often have to walk up big hills. To get quicker, I had to be really smart with my training, nutrition and weightlifting – while balancing all of this with a very busy professional and personal life. I now regularly come in the top 30% of riders at my events and have also achieved a top 3 place. 

Most personal trainers have no experience in delivering sports specific nutrition, strength and fitness training. It’s rare they do events themselves. Most coaches are not qualified to deliver strength training programmes either. With my qualifications and experience, I can help you with all of this.

Having been there myself, I totally understand the challenges you face, regardless of the sport.

How it works

After an initial chat, clients complete some simple questionnaires to ensure I get an accurate picture of who you are, your goals and what will work best for you. These can be completed in-person or virtually. 

I then offer ongoing coaching and will devise a plan tailored to you, your sport and your lifestyle. All plans cover training specific to your sport including strength and nutrition guidance.

For online coaching I use tools including Zoom and WhatsApp. I am based in Farnborough, Hampshire with my own private gym.

You do not have to be some toned experienced athlete, chasing medals. I work with regular people who want to do well and have fun, while still be able to get on with their everyday lives.


Client Gallery:
Some of my clients (and one photo of me in action!), all undertaking their own challenges and sports, but all are people just like you.

Sport Fitness & Nutrition Coaching FAQs

From personalised training plans to helping strengthen your body after injuries, motivational support, accountability, being there when you need help or a need cheerleader, dietary guidance to realistic goal setting, tracking progress and… providing some fun!

After your initial review sessions, you will check-in with me daily – sending accountability check-ins via WhatsApp text message.

In addition, we will schedule Zoom sessions as well.

There is no notice period and you can cancel anytime.

You pay in advance for each month via Direct Debit.

At the start, and throughout the process, I will provide guidance on how much and what types of food to eat. There are a few different ways to approach this and we will agree the best approach for you. Nutrition advice will cover training days, rest days and event / race days.


The process is about finding balance between your sporting goals and everyday life.

You do not have to be a gym member and you can train at home (with workouts I will design for you) alongside the other training sessions you will do for your sport.

If you want to join a gym though, I can programme workouts for you that you can complete at your gym as well.

As well as the more “obvious” fitness training, strength training is always included in all training plans. This can be done at home or in a gym.

Just as an example from my own cycling – but the same applies for all sports – some of the biggest gains I have made have come from my off-the-bike training – lifting weights in a gym, stretching properly and doing body weight exercises.

Strength training and mobility work helped me in many ways:

  • It doesn’t matter whether you are a sprinter or a long-distance rider, bike on or off-road, it will make you faster – 20% faster for me
  • It can help fix muscle imbalances that are causing you discomfort on the bike – your ‘bike fit’ is not always the issue!
  • It will make you a better climber on long and short sharp climbs through increased stability, endurance and power
  • For off-road cyclists, you will be able to muscle over rocks and roots much more easily
  • Being stronger means you become less likely to get hurt when you crash
  • Your cadence efficiency improves
  • Being stronger physically makes you feel mentally stronger as well, which significantly increases your resilience for long days on the bike
  • You will feel stronger and experience fewer niggles in your everyday life as well and improve your posture
Similar benefits can be found for all types of sports.

My clients are spread out across the UK and Europe.

I offer 100% online coaching but, if we live near each other, a monthly in-person session can take place as well (in addition to daily WhatsApp check-ins and regular Zooms) but we don’t have to see each other in-person for this to work.

I am based in Farnborough, Hampshire. 

Yes. I coach both men and women.

I am fully qualified and insured. I have also lost four stone myself and become a better athlete through hard work and determination. You can find out more about my own journey, my qualifications and experience here.

Pricing options can be seen here.

You can also book a FREE no-obligation Zoom consultation with me before deciding whether to work with me or not.

What my clients say

“Simon coached me for my first ever long-distance cycling event. I lost over three stone and beat my target time for the event by over two hours! Simon made me feel more confident about myself and what I can achieve. I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Marc M

“I took part in a fitness test with Simon. He was very organised, excellent communicator and also made the session fun. Following the fitness test, he provided a detailed report with the results and various actions to help my fitness and lose weight.”

Keith C

“Simon has helped me work on my nutrition strategy for a couple of forthcoming ultra marathon events. He is very approachable and knowledgeable about nutrition and all the data and science that comes with it. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to improve their nutrition goals.”

Sara Crosland

Pricing & Free Consultations

Sports training & nutrition coaching packages

whether you are training for a one-off challenge or part of a season, I can put together a plan Personalised specifically to you, your other commitments, your sport or challenge. It will include some or all of the below: