Raising a Glass without Tipping the Scales: The Festive Guide

Drinking on a diet at Christmas

Hark the herald angels sing, is there a way to have our gin and keep our waistlines trim? The festive season rolls around, and suddenly, our social calendars are as packed as Santa’s sleigh, with every soirée offering a tempting tipple or three.

But, fret not! “IF” you’re trying to stay loyal to your diet (NOTE: I am saying “if”- do what is right for you) while diving into the festive spirit, here’s some ideas so that you can maybe have your eggnog and drink it too.

1. Know Your Nogs from Your Nips

First things first, know what you’re drinking! Not all alcoholic beverages are created equal:

  • Slimline Spirits: Clear spirits like gin, vodka, and rum usually have fewer calories per shot compared to their creamier or sugary counterparts. Pair with a diet mixer, and you’re golden.
  • Wine Time: If you’re a wine enthusiast, rejoice! A small glass of dry white or red wine doesn’t pack a massive calorie punch. But maybe sidestep the mulled wine; it’s often loaded with added sugar.
  • Beer Beware: If beer’s your game, go for lighter varieties. Traditional ales and stouts can be calorific, so if you’re watching your intake, consider quality over quantity.

2. Deck the Halls with Water Bottles

For every festive tipple you partake in, try to have a glass of water. Not only will it keep you hydrated (goodbye, dreaded hangover), but it’ll also help pace your drinking, ensuring you don’t unknowingly consume a meal’s worth of calories in cocktails alone.

3. Mix It Up

Your choice of mixer can make or break the calorie bank. Swap sugary sodas for diet versions, tonic for slimline, and if you’re feeling fancy, use fresh fruit juices in moderation.

4. Dance Off the Drinks

Every Christmas party comes with a cheesy tune. Use this as your cue to boogie away the booze calories! Whether you’re flailing to Slade or waltzing to Wham!, remember: every shimmy is a step away from the extra pounds.

5. Be Bubbly, Not Bloated

Champagne or prosecco are often lower in calories than you might think. So, if you fancy a fizz, go ahead and pop that cork! Just be cautious with those add-in fruit juices or syrups.

6. Nibble Wisely

It’s not just about the drink, but what comes with it. Those salty nuts or indulgent canapés can be a dieting downfall. Either set yourself a nibble limit or opt for healthier snacks some of the time.

7. Spirits High, Measures Low

British pours can be rather generous, especially when Uncle Bob is manning the bar. By keeping your measures modest, you can enjoy the taste and social experience of drinking without downing too many calories.

8. Enjoy, Don’t Overindulge

Remember, it’s the season of joy and celebration. Relish your drink, be present in the moment, and maybe, just maybe, leave that last round for Santa.

Final Toast

Here’s to a season filled with laughter, love, and maybe a bit of liquor. Cheers! 🎄🍷🥂

Disclaimer: Although this article is fun, do drink responsibly this Christmas. Excessive consumption of alcohol is harmful to health.

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