What Does a Weight Loss Coach Do?

Weight loss coach on a Zoom call

When people ask me what I do for a living and I mention coaching, and that I am a Weight Loss Coach who used to be big as well, sometimes they struggle to work out what I do or what that actually means!?

Here’s what I do to support my clients:

Personalised Plans

Every individual is unique, and what works for one client might not work for another. I tailor all strategies and ideas specifically for the individual client, considering their lifestyle, preferences, and potential challenges.

Motivational Support & Celebrating Success

On tough days, I am your cheerleader or just someone who listens. On great days I’ll congratulate you on a job well done.


I provide a daily touchpoint via WhatsApp, where all clients check-in with their daily food intake along with a general update. In addition, we have weekly Zooms where we discuss something great / positive that has happened that week plus how stress, sleep, hunger and activity levels have been. It also gives a chance for them to feedback on anything they would like me to do or change as well.

All of this is intended to keep the client accountable to themselves so that, when they stop working with me, they know exactly what to do in the long term.

Dietary Guidance

Navigating the world of food can be confusing. From understanding labels to building a balanced plate, I provide clear, easy-to-follow dietary advice, demystifying the complex world of nutrition. All this while still giving my clients the ability to enjoy food they like (such as at weekends) and follow diets they enjoy.

Safe (and Fun!) Exercise Routines

Some of my clients just walk, some run, some go to the gym, some workout at home, some do a bit of everything – I’ve even coached a Powerlifter and a GB Triathlete!

If I programme home or gym workouts, I assess all clients first – including health and mobility – to ensure the exercises not only make then fitter and stronger, but also address any muscle imbalances or posture issues. It’s not a scary test though, I promise!

Setting Realistic Goals

Grand ambitions can sometimes lead to disappointment. I help in setting realistic, achievable short-term and long-term goals, ensuring clients feel a sense of accomplishment regularly without getting disheartened by trying to achieve the impossible.

Tracking Progress

I help clients monitor their progress, be it through weigh-ins or other benchmark methods such as waist measurements. By keeping an eye on how far they’ve come, clients can stay motivated, and we can adjust strategies if needed. It all goes into a weekly tracking sheet with a nice chart to look at too!

Providing Additional Resources

Sometimes my clients need something else – a training plan for a sports event, advice on a diet type, ideas to help with mental health such as journaling, time management or just general advice. I am here for whatever is needed.

So, as a weight loss coach, that’s what I do.

I can help you…

I am a Weight Loss Coach, successfully helping people just like you to lose weight and keep it off: