Get fitter, stronger or lose weight.
I am a specialist personal trainer
& weight loss coach.
Helping everyone, from beginners to athletes.

About Me, Simon Graham

I am a personal trainer, strength coach, nutrition coach and a weight loss coach. I haven’t always been though…

I used to be really overweight, and comfort ate… a lot!

Then one day I decided enough was enough.

I returned to cycling, learnt about nutrition, started weightlifting, worked with great coaches and trainers, refined my time management skills, and took part in challenges that terrified me.

I then went back to college to learn more and get qualified as a personal trainer and coach.

I’ve been training for over eight years. I lost over four stone and I have kept the weight off for many years, and my mental health has never been better.

I’ve completed many long-distance endurance cycling events including an off-road coast-to-coast and a 200-mile one-day road sportive.

Having run and grown my own businesses for over 20 years, I understand how tough it is juggling a busy life with the need to keep fit and healthy. 

I now help others achieve their own goals and specialise in “Weight Loss Coaching“, “Muscle & Weight Gain Coaching“, “Menopause Support Coaching“, “Executive Health & Performance Coaching“, “Personal Training” and “Strength, Fitness & Nutrition Coaching for Fitness Challenges & Endurance Athletes“.

I am based in Farnborough, Hampshire with my own private studio. I offer fitness training and coaching online with some in-person options as well.

UK Coaching
British Weight Lifting
Simon Graham Weight Loss Before & After Photo

This is my before and after

Qualifications & Experience

Online or In-Person.
One-off or Ongoing.
Farnborough, Hampshire.

New clients complete some simple tests, an interview and questionnaires to ensure I get an accurate picture of who you are, your goals and what will work best for you.

These can be completed in-person or virtually.

I offer one-off plans or ongoing coaching.

I am based in Farnborough, Hampshire. For online coaching, I use tools such as Zoom and WhatsApp.

Private Gym & Personal Training Studio

What my clients say

“Simon coached me for my first ever long-distance cycling event. I lost over three stone and beat my target time for the event by over two hours! Simon made me feel more confident about myself and what I can achieve. I can’t recommend him highly enough.” 

Marc M