Finding Time to Exercise When Really Busy

Find time to exercise when busy

A question I often get from clients is “How do I find time to exercise when I am so busy!?”.

I get it. The kids are squabbling, your work phone is pinging non-stop, you are tired, the fridge is looking empty so you really need to get to the shops and, amidst all this, you’re wondering how on earth you’re supposed to fit in a bit of exercise.

Some coaches will just say things like “well, you will find time if it is genuinely important to you” which, there can be some truth to sometimes, BUT often it is just easier said than done if you are busy and overwhelmed. Coaches who just point “the finger of shame” at people are helping no one!

Often clients strive too much for perfection though. Exercise doesn’t need to be a one hour gym session or a four hour bike ride, a short walk or just changing habits to get in extra steps is great too. Something is always better than nothing.

Here are 10 tips to help you:

1. Rise with the Larks

An early morning workout might sound daunting, especially when the bed is so comfy. But exercising in the morning can energise you for the day ahead. It can also be a weight off your mind to tick that exercise off your to-do list so early in the day, as you then don’t need to worry about it later.

A quick jog, some yoga stretches, an early gym session, or even just a brisk walk can make all the difference. Plus, the world feels especially peaceful when most are still in bed.

2. Work(out) From Home

If you’re one of the many who now works from home, use what used to be your commute time for some exercise. That half hour you would have spent on the bus or in the car is now all yours, so use that time for something new.

3. Make it a Family Affair

Head to the park for a game of footie, try a family dance-off in the living room, go for a walk with your partner, or even go for a bike ride. It’s a win-win: the kids (if you have kids) burn off energy or perhaps you simply use it to spend some extra quality time with your partner or loved ones. But, whatever you do, you get to clock in your exercise time almost by accident!

4. Lunchtime Lunges

Utilise your lunch break wisely and get moving. It could be a quick jog around the block, some desk exercises, a walk, or even meditation to calm the mind.

5. Integrate Movement into Daily Life

Turn mundane tasks into mini workouts. Waiting for the kettle? Do some calf raises. Watching telly? Time for some planks during ad breaks. Playing with the kids? The floor’s a perfect place for some sit-ups. Got to make a work call, do it walking around the block or while standing.

Something I get my clients to do is to find “cheat steps”. Take the stairs at work, park in the furthest corner of the supermarket car park, walk to the local shop – you get the idea!

6. Short and Sweet

Remember, workouts don’t always have to be an hour long gym session. Something is very much better than nothing. A 15 minute fast walk around the block or a quick intense Joe Wicks YouTube workout is great. Short and sweet can work really well. Don’t assume every workout has to be long.

7. Enlist a Buddy

Having a friend to exercise with, even virtually, can serve as a motivator. Set a time to meet-up, or even just check in with each other to ensure you’re both moving. There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition to get you off the sofa! You could hire an accountability coach as your buddy as well.

8. Schedule It

Treat exercise like an important meeting. Pencil it into your diary or calendar. Setting a specific time increases the likelihood of you sticking to it. Remember to schedule a little bit of time before an after as well to get ready or shower and so on, to save you rushing.

9. Be Honest with Yourself

Step back and honestly review your time and how you spend each day. A lot of us waste time daily, whether it is spending a wasted 30 minutes doom-scrolling through social media, watching a Netflix show we are not that interested in, or doing things at work we probably should have just said no too.

Replace something unproductive with some movement instead. If you are honest with yourself, I bet you can find something to drop in favour of exercise, even if just a short window.

10. Be Kind to Yourself

There’ll be days when, despite your best intentions, exercising just won’t fit in. And that’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. The key is consistency over time, not perfection every day.

Remember, every bit of exercise, no matter how small, adds up. So, make room for movement in your hectic schedule!

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